Discover Your Attitudes Towards Money

Money Mind®

The Money Mind® Analyzer provides an essential perspective on how biases can affect decision-making. It helps you identify and understand your dominant Money Mind® to make better, more informed decisions in the future.

Honest Conversations®

Personal values and goals should inform your financial choices. The Honest Conversations® exercise employs cards to help you prioritize goals and make tradeoffs.

Investment Viewfinder

The Investment Viewfinder exercise underscores the trade-offs involved in various investment scenarios. It also facilitates an open and easy dialogue with your adviser to examine your expectations regarding your investment portfolio.

Get to Where You Want to Go

The Guidebook

To help you make important decisions and then put them into motion, you must have a clear and organized approach. The Guidebook is a comprehensive plan, developed specifically for you, to help ensure that your money will help allow you to lead the life you want to live.

Priority Action List

A Priority Action List is a clear and accessible tracking mechanism that helps you to measure and accomplish goals. The List details specific action items which are reviewed for progress between you and your adviser.

Financial Control Scorecard®

The Financial Control Scorecard® tracks your resources and goals against life’s ongoing changes. It helps you to make objective and smart trade-offs in order to keep your money working toward the life you want to lead.

Stay on Course


Since financial guidance doesn’t end once your plan is created, the GuideCenter allows you to access information whenever you want, so you can track your goals against market fluctuations, life changes or spending decisions.

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